Re-fight the epic battles of the black powder age (1700-1900).

  • A unit can be a battalion or brigade (more usually)
  • Fast turn sequence (variable)
  • Fast and decisive combat system
  • No separate shooting and melee phases
  • Unique single system for both command and unit ability erosion
  • Clear paths to victory
  • Post-battle victory margin and pursuit severity system
  • Unique Scenario & Strategy generator card deck (will be included with the book)
  • Rules included for time of day, weather, season, and multiple days of battle

With AGE, battles like Malplaquet, Antietam, Waterloo, and Froeschwiller, can be easily fought in an evening, while epic battles like Gettysburg and Borodino can easily be fought in a 5-6 hour day session.

AGE will be launched in mid-2024.

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