The wearing of hats is not obligatory, but is strongly encouraged……

Glory! Is an open sandbox tabletop game that can be played as a pure flat board game, or upgraded to use three-dimensional home crafted islands and purchased miniature ships.

Each player takes the role of a captain, a privateer, trying to grind living around the ports of the Caribbean.

You’ll choose how risky the cargoes you carry are, with risky cargoes attracting the attention of the Navy. Get your cargo confiscated though, and you could go into debt with the big traders who call them in, ruining them and losing you your ship and crew.

Alternatively, you can attack merchant ships, raid ports, and even capture your own port and declare it a free port that you gain an income from. However, piracy has its downsides, as it will attract the attention of Navy ships.

There are plenty of paths to take every turn, and plenty of path to victory. In our game, the currencies are Fortune and Glory.

Fortune is gold. It pays off your crew, it can upgrade your ship, and it brings you the finer things in life like throwing parties in port.

Glory is what you gain to become the most legendary captain, with the first to 12 glory points winning the game.

In this open sandbox world, you can go anywhere and do (almost) anything you want. You can move cargoes around for payment, undertake missions dictated by the game card deck, and stay away from piracy by trying to do things the right way.

If you love open sandbox games, especially boardgames like Western legends, then you are going to love the simplicity, scale, and scope of Glory!

Glory comes a rulebook with a card deck. Where you go from there is up to you. A blue cloth, simple cut out islands (we will be offering a high-quality set of flat printed islands for sale to get you started quickly), and 3D-style top-down ships coming with the rules as well.

But how you take it from there is up to you. 3D printed model ships, 1/3000th or 1/2400th metal wargaming ships, or plastic board gaming pieces, it’s up to you what represents your ship.

The islands can be upgraded into beautiful 3D representations, each representing a significant body of land. When this mini site is fully operational, we will be detailing how you can make everything you need quickly and easily, with few resources and little money.

However you choose to represent the game, glory is a simple and easy way to get up to 6 people (and it has fully developed solo mode as well) involved in a fast, fun, and furious game of piracy, trade, skulduggery, and even a hint of Pirates of the Caribbean thrown in (watch out for the kraken…).

Glory will be available to pre-order in July 2023. More details coming very soon.

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