PAGE 17 – Mercenary Specialist has LR3 as stated in the text, not 4 as stated in the table.

PAGE 17 Mercenary Specialist has PB-A1 Blaster.

PAGE 61 – DNE Firestorm 3 range is 20″ not 16″.


Primary & Secondary Weapons

On page 15 it states that a character can have one primary weapon. A better description would have been “one primary gun”. This means, shredders, speedbolts, blasters, GSW’s, grenade launchers, flamers, and rocket launchers.

Pistols are the only type of secondary weapon. So think of them as the sidearm alongside a primary, main gun weapon. The exception is a character equipped with 2 pistols, in which case they are equipped with both primary and secondary weapons.

Generic weapons, e-cells, and grenades are not primary or secondary weapons. Their only limit is LOAD.

Frag Grenades

Fragmentation grenades use the SAW weapon template area.

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