Download Avery label compatible sticker sheet to print and use for counters in the game: DOWNLOAD Download an example Team Sheet – can use as a quickstart team for your first game: DOWNLOAD A guide to the weapons used in the world of Enderain: DOWNLOAD A guide to the miniatures that will allow you to …

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ERRATA PAGE 17 – Mercenary Specialist has LR3 as stated in the text, not 4 as stated in the table. PAGE 17 Mercenary Specialist has PB-A1 Blaster. PAGE 61 – DNE Firestorm 3 range is 20″ not 16″. FAQs Primary & Secondary Weapons On page 15 it states that a character can have one primary …

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Using The Card Deck Actions Direct Weapon Fire Fighting Rules Indirect Fire (Grenade & Rocket Launchers) NPC Dice System Throwing Hand Grenades Shredders & Burners

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